Types of Gift Baskets

                            The best way to start off your business is to have a generic set of gift baskets and custom gift baskets in your catalog.  If you need help initially with this, make sure to ask advice from your trusted gift basket wholesalers and suppliers.  Generally around 10 generic gift baskets are sufficient to start with, but make sure the baskets cover a wide range of themes.  The typical themes are baby shower, toiletries, fruits and gourmet imported foods, holidays and weddings.  Make sure that each of the baskets come in the standard three sizes: small, medium, and large.

                            It may be difficult or impractical to get those products at wholesale, or even discounted initially so  be very judicious with your product selection. The price of your gift baskets might seal or break the deal, so you want to be careful when purchasing the items for your baskets.

                            A major gift basket concern is perishability.  You may want to keep these types of baskets to a minimum.  It’s a balancing act, since fresh gift baskets tend to be easier to sell because people love to give them as gifts.

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