Gift Baskets: Who Buys Them?

                            Everybody.? But you will probably be unsuccessful if you target them all.? You may also drive your gift basket wholesale supplier crazy, since they will not have any idea how to help you out by recommending new products or ideas, since you will be all over the map.? The overview below should help you get started.? Please keep in mind that this is an important step, especially if you are a beginner.

                            In past years, women were the biggest and, by some research, the only market for gift baskets.? That is no longer true.? In general, we can divide the current market into two entities: individual or corporate. Both are great clients to have.

                            Men do buy gift baskets, but usually it is more of a strategic move.? For instance, it may be for a boss at work, or a client.? Gift baskets are neutral gifts, and you would have to try really hard to make a gift basket that will offend or be disliked.

                            Many people immediately think of gift baskets as the default gift. Since the basket usually includes a mixture of things, that makes your gift have a favorable advantage. Chances are the recipient will like something in the basket.? Remember to consider all legal holidays as your Christmas season. Gift baskets work well with any holiday.

                            Corporate buyers on the other hand are your most consistent way to earn money.? They tend to be finicky, but once you’ve passed their tests and jumped through their bureaucratic hoops, you’re golden and you can expect to have consistent sales for many years.? Your gift basket distributor will be very happy too. A happy distributor makes for better business transactions.

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