Gift Baskets For Teen Boys? Who Would Have Thought?

                            Having one teen boy and one tween boy in my household, I am always at a loss when it come time to give gifts to my son’s friends. My boys usually give a gift card from some retailer. The kids like it, but it feels so impersonal, especially since they refuse to give birthday cards anymore. So, I was very excited by this idea — a gift basket for teen boys.

                            I love this simple idea, especially since teen boys definitely do not like too much fuss made over them. This gift basket has soda, candy and sun glasses wrapped with a transparent plastic wrap.

                            But the real beauty of this basket is not what it includes — it is the concept that really works. You just put in what the teen boys in your life would like to have and wrap it up with this basic plastic wrapping.

                            In my teen boy’s basket, I may put in cards, a flavored iced tea, candy and popcorn. With teen boys you can never go wrong with food, so that is alway a good standby.

                            I am sure that the boys in your life will have their own ideas about what to include!

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